Southern Autotest Championship

An update on the Southern Autotest Championship from Peter Cox below. Click here from the latest points : Points

Not quite the final bulletin of the year! There is one grass event planned by the Eastbourne & Ram MC for the 30th October and possibly one more tarmac event. The Woolbridge MC will not be running their tarmac event on the 16th October but there is a chance that the Weston-super-Mare CC can put on a replacement event. I will let you know within the next week if this is to be run.

The latest positions after the excellent Bath MC tarmac round at Warminster services are in the attached file. The championship certainly isn’t all over and the major awards are still not decided, thanks to the variability of the bonus points earned this year. Also, it will depend on whether the last event(s) run. If neither do then it will be the best 5 scores to count.

I hope as many as possible give the season a good send off with the final event(s).

Peter Cox

Southern Autotest Championship secretary

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