Speed Championship Update

The latest from Chris Judge:

Herewith the latest positions following North Weald and Goodwood. – Click here : Latest Points
Some good scraps are now developing for the final positions, with just two events remaining.
For next year, the three co-ordinators for AEMC, ASEMC and ACSMC have already met to discuss 2017 and the new MSA rules being
created and changed, particularly for new standard production classes. However, they appear to mirror what we have already achieved within our regions,
but we will send you our findings soon. The MSA will make a final decision on January 1st and if anyone wants to see what the MSA changes are, just go to their web-site.
Finally, I have to remind you (again) of the need to display championship stickers on your competing car. Rule 1.6.1 of the 2016 ASEMC Speed Championship rules state:
‘Contenders must display at least one championship sticker (clearly visible) on the outside of their competing car in order to score points’. I must have reminded contenders
of this rule at least four times throughout the year. Sadly, as photographic evidence has been submitted to me which clearly shows contravention, then I must uphold this rule.
With just Curborough and Debden this weekend to go, it will be interesting to see who tops the various tables. Good luck.
Best wishes,
Chris Judge
Championship Co-ordinator.

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