Stage Rally Marshal Training

Saturday 26th November 2016, Brands Hatch

The ASEMC is organising training for stage rally marshals on Saturday 26th November 2016, from 8.30am until 4pm. Refreshments and lunch will be provided. The training sessions will cover modular courses devised by the Motor Sports Association, led by MSA trainers.

Topics covered will include Rally Organisation, Roles and Responsibilities of volunteers at stage rallies (including marshals, radio marshals, timing marshals and other roles), First on Scene and other topics surrounding the RallyFuture campaign.

From 2017, marshals need to have completed the MSA Rally Marshal online training in order to marshal on their own on stage rallies. To maintain marshal registration at the grade held, training days need to be attended biennially which this training day will count towards.

More information on MSA marshal training and registration is available to access at

Registrations are now CLOSED.

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