Marshalling is for anybody who is interested in and wants to be involved in Motorsport. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications to start, just common sense and a reasonably developed sense of self-preservation.

As you become more involved you will be able to take advantage of training funded by the sport’s governing body, Motorsport UK and run by individual motor clubs, Regional Associations or the clubs set up to cater specifically for marshals like the British Motorsport Marshals Club. Further information and resources regarding marshalling can be found on the Motorsport UK website.

The British Motorsport Marshals Club is the main channel through which marshals get information about the hundreds of motorsport meetings held throughout Britain each year. We have an online volunteering system, where marshals can see events at circuits throughout the country and can volunteer for duties online. Details of events are also circulated to BMMC members through the Club’s regional magazines.

A number of clubs will also operate their own volunteering systems should you just wish to volunteer for one clubs events.

2020 Marshals Training Events

9 FebruaryLHMCLydden
29 FebruaryBRSCCBrands
1 MarchBRSCCBrands