Stage Rally

Welcome to the 2016 Jelf Stage Rally Championship.

For the second year we are promoting a single pan-regional championship covering the Eastern and
South Eastern regions which is supported by the Association of Eastern Motor Clubs and the
Association of South Eastern Motor Clubs.

Jelf Insurance Partnership is represented by a familiar face in the left hand seat of a certain yellow
TR7 on many of the last year’s championship rounds – Jaz Bareham runs the motorsports insurance
division which offers club liability and equipment, road event cover and insurance for individuals’
motorsports requirements.

For 2016 we have eleven rounds in the championship, with seven to count, placing a premium on
consistency throughout the year but giving more flexibility for crews based across the wider
geography of the championship. Many of the rounds will be familiar to competitors in the previous
championships – challenging and fun.

Registration can be done online at the recently re-vamped (by Tony Michael) AEMC website – , or by the more traditional methods of posting or giving a form to the championship
co-ordinators at the first few events of the year.

Congratulations to the 2015 winners Roland Brown & Terry Luckings. David Smalley & Rob Ginn
were not far behind in second place, with Tony Michael & Dennis Suttenwood 3rd.

Class winners were:
A – Anna Stephenson / Matthew Smalley
B – Tony Michael / Paul Barrett
C – Tim Mewett / Liz Jordan
D – Kevin Jarvis / Lea Biagioni
E – David Daniel / Mike Hughes
Good luck to all stage rally competitors in 2016!
Paul Barrett (AEMC) & David Town (ASEMC) – Championship Co-ordinators

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